August 14, 2018 Fishing Report

We fish a lot of different lakes in Northeast South Dakota. Each week we'll highlight some different lakes for our fishing report.

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We are experiencing the dog days of summer in a few northeastern lakes. Fishing isn’t fast and furious but fish can be caught. You may have to switch species.

Big Stone Lake

There is a fair perch bite going on but you have to move around and find them. Anglers are using spikes or wax worms and vertically jigging while other anglers are pulling crank baits for them. Over the weekend the surface temp was in the lower 80’s which can make it a little tougher.

The walleye bite is certainly slower compared to a couple weeks ago. We landed a half dozen walleyes Saturday morning between 15 to 19 inches but when the air temperature hit 90 degrees by noon the bite quite. Sunday was really slow.     

Lake Poinsett

Still a lot of small walleyes are being taken. A spinner and crawler or spinner and minnow combo is working. Pulling crank baits are also producing fish. When the wind is blowing get shallow on top of the bars and on the downwind side of the lake.

Lake Albert

Albert has really slowed down to what it has been. There hasn’t been a lot of pressure on Albert and the algae bloom exploded.

Bitter Lake

A few walleyes being caught along the weed line using spinner/crawler combo or a jig and minnow. Also try a spinner/crawler combo along the rock points.

Indian Springs

The Dog Days of summer is upon us on virtually every body of water and Indian Spring is no exception. One day the fishing is pretty good and then it dies the next. Casting crank baits or a jig and minnow or leech along the weed line is working. The weed line is very distinct so a slip bobber with a leech, minnow or crawler is a good choice.

There is a very good population of big fish here but, there is also another age group of 5 to 6 inch walleyes coming up.