Fishing Report

We fish a lot of different lakes in Northeast South Dakota. Each week we'll highlight some different lakes for our fishing report.

July 9, 2018 Northeast South Dakota Fishing Report  605-881-3379

Lake Albert

Still a good walleye bite going on right now but it has slowed a little to what it was. Pulling plugs and covering water is still a great presentation. Number 4 Salmo Hornets and #4.5 Rattling Hornets are working along with #5 Berkley Flicker Shads.

The walleyes are also starting to lean towards a crawler and spinner combination. Try a helicopter spinner with a slow death hook or the new Butterfly Blade Super Death Rig from Northland Tackle and half a crawler.

Lake Poinsett

Poinsett may be one of the hotter lakes in NE South Dakota right now. The fish are running in the 14” to 17” range. You’ll also catch a lot of smaller ones and an occasional larger one. Fish a spinner and crawler just outside the weed line.

Don’t be afraid to keep the smaller walleyes. This lake is loaded with walleyes (13 to 14 inches) and the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks took the 15” minimum length limit off as we need to get some if these fish out of the system.

Big Stone Lake

We have a weed problem on Big Stone but the upper two thirds of the lake are fishable. The curly leaf pond weed (an evasive species) dies off in July so more of the lake will be accessible. Walleyes and perch are hitting plugs and a spinner/crawler combo. Surface temps are in the 78 degree range.