For A Better Tasting Filet

The other day I had a gentleman looking at my Facebook page or the web site ( and sent me a message asking why I bleed the walleyes that we're going to keep. The reason is once you bleed a walleye it makes for a perfectly white filet. All the blood is gone and when you're at the cleaning table there isn't any blood to deal with which cuts down on any bacteria that could infect the meat.

But more importantly a bleed fish tastes better than an unbleed one. ...I bleed all my walleyes, perch and any northerns that we're going to keep.

Hint: Bleed your fish in the livewell just before you go in and load up. Then pack them on ice for the trip back home or to the cleaning facility and you'll be surprised how much easier it is to filet a cold fish.

Keep a tight line!!