Fishing Reports

We fish a lot of different lakes in North South Dakota. Each week we'll highlight some different lakes for our fishing report.

May 30, 2018 Northeast South Dakota Fishing Report  605-881-3379

Waubay Lake

There is a good walleye bite going right now. The walleyes are out deep over the mud feeding on mud worms and mayflies. Pulling 4 colors of lead core using Berkley Flicker Shads, Flicker Minnows and Wally Divers is producing nice fish. The silver bass are also out in the basin and are suicidal right now and create a lot of action. Keep the loin portion of the filet above the lateral line, trim off the red meat on the skin side, soak in 7 UP prior to frying for a great fish fry.

Blue Dog

Decent walleye bite here pulling crankbaits. Be prepared to catch quite a few smaller fish before you get a decent one but they are there. Anglers are also catching a few decent size notherns and an occasional jumbo perch.

Lake Albert

Nice walleye bite going on here. Anglers are getting them on crankbaits either casting or trolling and pulling a spinner and minnow or a spinner and crawler.

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